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Summer has finally arrived!!

Yes Summer has arrived hopefully no need for towels at last!!

I would like to thank everyone for there donations towards the Pudsey Carnival dogs Trust raffle it was a big success we raised and impressive £101.00 with the help of my son Joshua I couldn't have done it without him.

Introducing our new arrivals this year.

Skye Cockerspaniel

Barkley Hungarian Vizla

Gus Sharpei

Flo & Louis King Charles Spaniels

Tilly Labrador x collie

Tom Terrier cross

Monty Maltese x Chihuahua

Not to forget the ones we cover for another dog walker whilst they are on their Jollies

Dante Miniature Schnauzer

Lily Spocker

We also have a new employee Ian he been with us for 8 weeks now and truly enjoying every minute of dog walking.

That's all for now hope you enjoyed reading our blog and look forward to enjoying the summer. Fingers crossed it stays dry.

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