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We are well into our second year and are really enjoying walking all our beautiful pooches, some on a daily basis others occasionally, we love getting up on a morning and looking forward to dog walking each dog has their own personality that's whay we enjoy this job so much. I can also announce my husband Ian is now fully on board with the dog walking so you will see both of us out and about.

As we all know winter is well and truly upon us and at All 4 Paws we will endeavour to walk your dog in all conditions. We have now started our street walks so towels to the ready, We do provide towelshowever we do ask our customers to provide their own towels out to avoid cross contamination.

We are really happy with the new dogs and puppies we have taken on this year they have integrated well with all the other chargers.

On another note Tilly and I have been doing agility for the passed year and are really enjoying it and helps to build a stronger bond. I understand a few of my customers have also joined the Bankhouse Barkers Agility club it's nice to bump in to you all on an evening for a quick catch up. I hope you are all enjoying it as much as Tilly and myself.

I have recently passed my canine first aid course and dog grooming city and guilds so if you do require your dog grooming or bathing or nail trims please feel free to ask for a quote.

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