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Home from Home Premium Dog Boarding Service Pudsey




A real alternative to kennels Offering a home from home for your dog while your away.

We are licensed to home board pets with Leeds City council. Living in a home, never kennels and enjoying all the comforts that come with it. We provide the daily walks and night time couch cuddles, just the thing when you've had a busy day running around with all your new friends. We follow your dogs own personal routines to make sure we get it just how they like it, making each and every dogs stay individual.

Leeds City Council home Boarding licence number 14/00198/COMM/18



We need you to provide an up to date vaccination record of all dogs to be boarded. All dogs must be neutered.




Boarding - £25 per night, add £15 per additional dog per night


Please note All public bank holidays will be charged at 50% extra.

Max & Polly sharing beds
Max and Polly, little and large sharing beds is sooo much fun.
Lola had a lovely time 


Lucky & Tilly having fun in the garden
Lucky and Tilly, having fun in the garden.



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